scandinavian style (& the story behind our name)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

as you may know, i'm a bit obsessed with all things scandinavian - denmark in particular. i think my fascination started about 6 years ago or so after i watched the danish movie "after the wedding" (if you haven't seen it, you need to). first i fell in love with the language - i think it's so beautiful - and then just the general aesthetic and good taste of the danes. 2 years ago i got to visit copenhagen and it was everything i'd thought it would be - super designy, hip and amazing. i actually launched LEIF the day after i got back from that trip.

if you've ever wondered my thought process behind the name LEIF, it's a scandinavian name. i didn't choose it to mean anything; i wanted a name that didn't necessarily bring anything specific to mind, and i like that it's clean and simple like the scandinavian aesthetic. i'm actually really surprised/grateful that i'm still happy i chose the name that i did.

you know i love color, but if you isolate certain products from their colorful collections, you'll see that i do on occasion choose simple, monochromatic things that work well mixed with all that bright stuff. shop the products from this collection and some other scandinavian-inspired picks here!

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