introducing lola donoghue

Sunday, June 23, 2013
there's a brand new artist in the shop! i'm excited to introduce work from western ireland-based artist lola donoghue. this one was a first for me - i actually discovered lola via a tip from a customer; a lovely lady named lauren wilson sent me a note to say she thought lola's work might be a good fit, and she was right. thanks lauren!

the collection of lola's work includes three prints ($80-$84), and two originals ($300-$325). both types are really good sizes; the prints are pretty large and the originals are on 24" x 24" stretched canvases. how great would those look in floater frames? (the canvas depth is 1.5"; i found some frames in this size on eBay). shop everything here; or click your favorite above!


Sohel Rana said...

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Amber said...

Wow, her works is gorgeous! thanks for sharing this. Just discovered your shop.. really like your style!

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