introducing belinda marshall

Sunday, May 12, 2013

i'm SO excited to introduce these brand new pieces to the shop, by australian artist belinda marshall. i was so sure i had to have her work that the time from the moment i discovered her work to when it was at my door was less than 2 weeks (coming from the furthest distance away in the world!). so, if you love these prints as much as i do, head on over and check them out! ($38—$55 depending on size).

p.s. my favorite source for finding frames of all sizes is amazon. for the "dusk" and "reflected" prints, i like this frame, and here it is in the right size for "with distance". since belinda's prints use australian A3 & A4 sizes, you would need to get mats made for these since unfortunately they don't make frames down to the .5 and .75 sizes.

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