oh my goodness

Monday, April 9, 2012
i would advise against looking at the rest of this house (don't say i didn't warn you - that scary lamp on that brick wall is a hint) - but how GREAT is this room? those beams! that swing! swoon.
found here


Lisa Belt said...

Well, you made me look! I do love those beams. (The rest of the house has cute elements, but looks a bit like Pinterest exploded on their threshold!)

Ashton said...

Wow! It's so rustic and white and charming! I think I'm in love! It looks so comfy and relaxing - I bet it's even more beautiful with candlelight!

Audrey said...

Such a great room! Just found your blog...you've got yourself a new follower :) Have a lovely weekend!

Audrey @ This Little Street

STACY said...

hi audrey :) thanks for adding!

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