icie and her ring

Friday, February 17, 2012
i've always enjoyed digging through boxes of old photos at my grandma's house--but a year or two ago i unearthed a box i hadn't discovered before, and in it were some REALLY old photos--my grandma's grandma kind of old. but for some reason i was particular taken with my great grandmother, admittedly mostly because of her name: icie. after some googling i discovered that names revolving around "ice" were popular for females in the 1800s.

a year or two later i still haven't gotten over it--in fact, if i ever have a daughter, at the moment i'm still planning to name her that. i think it's pretty darn neat that it's my great grandmother's name and happens to be just the right amount of weird.

anyway--that ring you see above--it belonged to her. before my grandma completely lost her marbles, she gave it to me in light of my fascination with icie. it's over 200 years old. if i do ever have a daughter named icie, perhaps i'll pass it down to her too.

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CARINA said...

a beautiful name, and a beautiful ring! how lucky :)

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